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NEXSAN Unity Unified Storage with EFSS

Hybrid Configurations

Unity delivers on the performance you need in unified storage by blending solid state memory including DRAM and SSD to optimize block and file operations into a fault-tolerant architecture. To make the most of your IT investment, Nexsan realigns the trade-off between performance, capacity, and costs with FASTierTM caching that accelerates I/O and provides high performance where it’s needed.



Nexsan Unity is the first and only Hyper-Unified Storage platform. Hyper-Unified Storage starts — as other Unified Storage — with support for advanced block and file workloads and then adds the rich capabilities modern IT teams demand and their users require. For Nexsan, this “Unified Plus” mindset means adding Dropbox-like sync and share, real-time file synchronization among distributed sites, and secure archive … all fully compliant with security protocols.

Second Generation Unity.  The new Unity systems offer up to 40% performance improvement over previous similar models, more flexible configurations, and cost reductions. New all-flash configurations are now available to meet the demands of customers’ high performance applications, as well as hybrid configurations for the more cost conscious.

Nexsan Unity Active Archive is a secure archive storage system designed to work with Unity Hyper-Unified storage for the nearline long-term retention of unstructured data.  As a compliant archive, Unity Active Archive provides a comprehensive data protection feature-set which ensures the availability and integrity of all files.

Unity Active Archive is ideal for any organization that needs to implement long-term archiving, regulatory and corporate compliance or add protection against data loss that could come from ransomware attacks, silent data corruption, or human error.  Unity Active Archive is an extension to Unity so users won’t change how they access data and it will still be easily available.

Additional information

Unity Unified Storage Plus Datasheet

Nexsan Unity Active Archive Datasheet


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