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NEXSAN BEAST High Density Storage

BEAST lets you get back your rack when space is tight, designed for 60 drives in 4U of a standard rack. That’s up to 600TB of capacity in 4U and up to a total of 1.8PB in a fully-scaled 12U configuration.

Save Energy, Save Cash

Nexsan AutoMAID® makes it easy to go green without sacrificing performance when you need it by choosing your energy savings with the easy to use management interface. You can reduce power consumption by up to 87 percent to lower operating expenses plus extend the life of the system.



Lower storage costs and get maximum uptime with Beast’s practical and hardworking, reliable storage platform, giving you 480TB in 4U. Beast is built specifically for applications with enormous data growth like backup, archive, digital video surveillance, and more.


We run where others don’t

There are plenty of things to worry about every day and storage shouldn’t be one of them. The BEAST is built to withstand some pretty tough storage environments outside the data center like ships, subway stations, and storage closets that are less than ideal environments. We make it easy to use the BEAST—our customers say, “you just set it and forget it.”

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NEXSAN Beast Datasheet


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